Saturday, March 17, 2007

Unterwegs mit Herrn Nelson 5

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Sorry it's been so long! I have moved to the country, going to have a baby, etc. - you know how it goes... But I'm back, and there's more to come!



Episode 5: Through the Desert: The Road to San Diego

In Arizona. And here it is very flat. The sky is blue. It is sunny and hot and windy, it is very windy. We are almost in California. So, here is Arizona. We are driving on the interstate.

Ok, class, we are On the Road with Herr Nelson. And, we must almost leave Arizona, because we will soon be in California. Look! There is a pretty bridge. A big bridge. Ok, class. Oh yeah, that is the Colorado River. Say: "Goodbye, Arizona!" We are now leaving Arizona and we are arriving in California. Say, "Hello, California." We are in California.

Desert, in German, is called "Wüste." "Desert", das is an English word, in German is, "die Wüste." That is a desert in California. We drive on U.S. Highway 95 in California. Through the desert. It is very very hot. It is terribly hot in the desert. And dry. (Music from King Missile und Soundgarden.)

This road is a roller coaster.

 (wind and music)


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