Sunday, March 18, 2007

Unterwegs mit Herrn Nelson 1

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Hi. I am Herr Nelson. Hello. This is my atlas. And, I'd like to take a trip, but where should I go to? Should I go to Florida? No, that is too far. Should I go to New York? That would be great! But, no, that is also too far, all the way east, I'm in Denver, after all. Where should I go? Should I go to Iowa? No, too boring. I was already in Iowa too many times. Where should I go? California? Yes, I'll go to California.


But how should I go? Should I go by train? No, that is too slow. By airplane? No, then I can't see everything. It's too fast. Should I go by bike? No, too slow. By skateboard? Go to California by skateboard? No way. How should I go to California? By car! Yeah, I'll take an auto trip to California. Oh, that is great.


What do I need for a trip? An atlas. We are in Denver, and we are driving to San Diego in California. OK, so, I need an atlas, and I need an umbrella, and I need a flashlight. The flashlight is green. I need also cassettes, for the car, and I need travel books. I need a first aid kit and things for hiking. I go hiking in the mountains. And I need a tent. That is a tent. I sleep in a tent. I'll bring a computer along. And a book of addresses. Things for work. A pillow, for sleeping. And I need a sleeping bag and a water jug, and a stove. That is a stove for cooking. Cooking with Herr Nelson. And in here are things for the kitchen. A towel. And silverware. Knife, fork, spoon, plate, and napkins, and everything I need for a camping trip. Sleeping bag. And that is the food. Bread and chips, soup.


I am bringing a backpack with clothes. Shorts, socks, shoes, and bathroom things. And I am bringing a flute, and books and magazines and sunscreen. We need sunscreen. And that is for the camera.


I am going to take a trip to California. And we have everything. A tent. We have a sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, umbrella, cassettes, books, computer, address book, and naturally we have a German dictionary. Yes, for German and English words. And we have an atlas. Yes, that is everything. So, let's go! Let's drive to California. But we must also pack the car...


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