Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ubel Knubels Welt episode 2

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Learn German with Übel Knübel!
This is the second episode in a series of videos to help you learn to understand, read, and speak German. To get scripts, the assistance of a teacher, online discussions, self-checks, and high school or GED credits, go to MyGermanClass.com and sign up for an open enrollment German class that you take at your own place, at your own pace, on your own time.

Übel Knübels Welt was conceptualized, produced, and created by clark shah-nelson
with music by Socks and Sandals. The class is taught as part of the Colorado Online Learning non-profit course offerings. For more info visit MyGermanClass.com

This is a perfect blog that I've been looking for. I am trying to learn German.
I've chosen to study German out of necessity, but I've never thought it could be learned the fun way. Well, I was wrong!
Vielen Dank Herr Prof. Shah-Nelson!

Among these shows, ubel Knubel's is one of my favorite. Howeveer I find Mrs. Knubel's head a little bit disturbing. And she seems always unable to take even the most stupid of decisions, as she keeps saying "for this ask your father... for that ask your father...".
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